Sunday, June 1, 2008

Artist Steven Siegel begins 3-week Residency to create new work for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational

On Monday, June 2, New York artist Steven Seigel arrives for a three-week visit to create a new site-specific installation for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational. Steve visited Laramie several weeks ago to consider sites and options for materials. Since he works with locally-available recycled materials, we took him to ARK, the Laramie City Dump, and the Recycle Center in Cheyenne. His works will be created near the Laramie Greenbelt east of the Commerce Street entrance (west side). Steve selected the site for its unique juxtaposition of nature, industry, commerce, and travel. The site is visible from I-80.

Steve will begin his work in the University of Wyoming Art Museum's shop to fabricate the internal structure for the work. We anticipate 3 days for this aspect of the project and then he will will begin constructing the work on location. Final materials for the sculpture will also be selected and delivered to the site. For this particular project, we look forward to working with Laramie Parks & Recreation.

This will be the second off-site installation for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational. Of the 16 sculptures scheduled for the exhibition, 5 are off-campus and have been made possible through a very special partnership with the various offices and agencies of the City of Laramie and Albany County.

VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist in the creation of Steve's sculpture between June 5 and 18. Plans are to work 8 - 5, Monday - Friday. If you are interested in helping, please contact Sarah Gadd, assistant curator at the Art Museum, 766-6621.

Press release for Steven Siegel, click here.
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