Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Charles Parson's Molto Allargando completed on Prexy's Pasture

Molto Allargando by Charles Parson on Prexy's Pasture, University of Wyoming. Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

With sod work complete, Molto Allargando by Charles Parson now rises magestically from Prexy's Pasture on the campus of the University of Wyoming. The first of five works that will be placed in this newly renovated center of campus, it is the first of 16 works placed outside the museum that will comprise Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational.

Public programs planned with the exhibition include:
July, day TBD
Public Art Talk by Patrick Dougherty

Sept. 12, 4 - 5:30pm
Public Opening Celebration, Prexy's Pasture

Apr. 4-5, 2009
Public Art and Communities: Impact and Inspiration (working title)
UW Conference Center
A two-day symposium with artists in Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational and more that 20 additional presenters who will discuss the impact and important of public art in our communities and on our campuses.
Press release for Charles Parson, click here.
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