Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jesus Moroles On Site Next Week

Albert Haskins, UW Physical Plant, off loads granite for Moroles Sculpture on Prexy's Pasture. Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

From June 9 to 11, Texas artist Jesus Moroles will be on location creating a new work for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational. The exhibition has been curated by Susan Moldenhauer, director and chief curator of the UW Art Museum, and organized by the Art Museum in partnership with the University of Wyoming, various agencies of the City of Laramie, and the Albany County Public Library.

Moroles has designed an interactive work that will be created from a tank found at Ace Salvage and his signature material, granite. Sited just west of Half Acre Gym, the sculpture will be assembled by Moroles with the assistance of the museum's chief preparator Sterling Smith, preparator David Jones, and the museum's interns for the project: Michael Hurley, Jamie Fritz, Jedidiah Cracco, Kara Peterson, and Bethany Reisner.

Moroles will be on location Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 9 - 11.

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