Friday, January 11, 2013

Upcoming Photography Exhibition

Binh Danh (Vietnamese/Cambodian-American, b. 1977), Drifting Souls, 2000, chlorophyll print on leaf, resin, 14-1/2 x 32 inches, W. Sherman & Dorothy Burns Estate Fund Purchase, University of Wyoming Art Museum Collection, 2010.3.1

As an artistic medium, photography is relatively young compared to the long history of painting, drawing, and printmaking.  Photography from the Twentieth Century: The Art Museum Collection, Part II continues to examine the creative vision of the photographer as artist and photography’s role in the development of an American genre.  Part I, exhibited in 2012, explores portraiture and Pictorialism; Part II focuses on the innovations of photography as an art form and the contemporary photographers’ dialogue on the study of place.  Innovations in photographic methods beyond the early gelatin silver prints of the early Twentieth century have expanded the creative boundaries for the photographer with such advances as Polaroid film, large format color capabilities, and alternative printing techniques such as chlorophyll prints.  Following the Pictorialism tradition and with innovative photographic techniques, contemporary photographers use the landscape as their subject to create a contemporary discourse on the study of a sense of place.  

Opening on February 2, this exhibition will be on view through April 27, 2013.

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