Thursday, January 24, 2013

Accepted Work Posted for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Michael Chavez, Public Art Program Manager for Arts and Venues Denver, looks at student artwork as he juries this year's exhibition

Congratulations to those students whose work has been accepted into the 38th Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition!  The complete list is below.  95 students submitted 222 works for consideration; and 58 students have 78 pieces in the exhibition.  The exhibition will open on Friday night, February 1 with an opening reception from 6 to 8 pm.  An awards ceremony will begin at 6:30 pm.  If you submitted work, have work in the exhibition, or just want to check out what UW students are making creatively, please join us next Friday night!

Kristin Althoff

Hanna Arzigian
                  Sattva Tea

Daniel Bear
                  Dream Big

Angela Beeson
                  The Forefront of My Mind

Ryan Bohnenkamp
                  Yellowstone Falls

Nico Bourkas

Bryan Brodersen

Kayla Clark
                  Triskele Pretzel Packaging

Justin Cloud
                  Anxiety Society I
Anxiety Society II
Anxiety Society IV

Beth Cochran
                  Blood on Fur
                  Rip, Tear, Shred, Dead

Corey Cook
                  Suna no Onna (The Woman in the Dunes)

Victoria Denecke
                  Take a Bow

April Dockter
                  Rock the Boat

Calee Dunlap
                  Untitled #1
                  Untitled #2

Alethea Durney
                  The Thin Red Line

Katie Giroux
                  The Word Gay

Kelsey Giroux
                  Haunted Air: A Collection of Images
                  Wings in the Head

Courtney Googe
                  I Was a Myth

Thayne Hardy

Mik Harvey
                  2-Key Bird

Chancelor Havlik
                  Fumer tue

Adam Helzer
                  Face Vase

Carli Holcomb
                  Peter the Lepidoptera
                  Under My Skin and Through My Bones

Emily House
                  Source Beef Co-op
                  Tracks Adventure Race

Zach Kennah
                  Still Life with Radishes

Chelsea Klassen
                  Wyoming Fall

Blake Knadler

Amanda Larsen
                  Turkey Green
Cole Lemaster
                  Deception Book Cover Series

Anne Luben
                  Ghost Girls of the Greater Midwest

Molly Markow
                  World Traveler

Nancy Marlatt
                  Refinery Fresh

Seth Marosok
                  Nude; after Duchamp

Maggie Mullen

Stephen Mullins
                  Losing Innocence

Ryan Parker
                  Decaying City

Jasmine Peck
                  English Breakfast 3

Erin Price
                  Haunting Houses Book Series

Brody Read

Clinton Robinson

Brandon Russell
                  Fluid Tension
                  Last Giant Standing

Nathan Schiro
                  Short Stories

Gary Schmitt
                  Forever West
House Broke

Britni Schwartz
                  Turkish Tea
                  Prayer is Better Than Sleep
                  Hak Yol Islam

Aaron Strube
                  Visio Dinosaurus (Dromaeosaur)

Hunter Teig

Danie Thiel
                  Teapot and Cup

Korinne Thoren

Chris Toly
                  Suffice Airlines
                  Thirty Three Baklava

Sam Vogel
                  Aurum Brewhaus

Andy Wempen

Kelsy Werries
                  Kodiak Series

Chloe West

Kaitlyn Whitlock
                  Did She Ever Have a Name?

Holly Wood

Everett Woodward
                  Teapot 1
                  Teapot 2

Jon Young
                  Dance Instructor’s Instructor

Lisa Zirbel

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