Friday, July 10, 2009

Netsuke Scholar Norman Sandfield Scheduled at the UW Art Museum

Netsuke scholar Norman L. Sandfield
at the closing banquet for the International
Netuke Society, after recieving the prestigious
Silver Kirin Award last week.
Photo courtesy of C.L. & P. Birnbaum

Norman Sandfield is scheduled to present a Gallery Walk Through and Book Signing in conjunction with the opening of Inada Ichiro: The Huey and Phyllis Shelton Collection at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. The exhibition opens September 11 and continues through December 22, 2009.

The recently received collection of Ichiro netsuke is the largest known collection of the 20th century netsuke artist. It becomes a very special small collection at the University of Wyoming and the exhibition coincides with the publication of the monograph, Ichiro Inada

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