Monday, July 6, 2009

Lia Cook video on UW website

Lia Cook's work, Face Maze: Tera, is featured in a new video clip
available on the University of Wyoming's website.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

The UW Art Museum recently partnered with UWTV to film a brief video clip of Lia Cook's exhibition, Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait, currently on view at the Art Museum. The project stemmed from Cook's request for visual documentation of these works being hung altogether.

Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait features large-scale weavings from five different series. Several of the pieces are double-sided, featuring both a positive and a negative image. These works are hung in the center of the gallery, enabling the viewer to walk entirely around them. This video clip is meant to demonstrate how museum visitors can walk among these large weavings and shows the scale of the works. The video will soon be posted on the Museum's website and is a great resource for visitors who want to preview the exhibition, or for those who have already visited and want to see the works in the gallery space again.

To see the video, click on the link below.

Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait is on view at the Art Museum through August 22.

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