Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Exhibitions at the Art Museum

Montana artist Tracy Linder's Tractor Hides, will be on view at the UW Art Museum through the summer. The works are on loan from Banner, WY artist Neltje, and Tracy Linder. They are photo emulsion on animal collagen and lit from within to create pod-like structures.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
The installation of six summer exhibitions will begin this week at the Art Museum, after the closing of The Disappeared this past Saturday. Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational will continue to be on view throughout the city, at the Art Museum rotunda and terrace, and on the UW campus.
From the Museum's permanent collection come the exhibitions Thomas Moran in Wyoming and Thomas Moran: The Eastern Landscape. Each of these showcases Moran's watercolors, sketches and prints from his excursions West, as well as his work on the East coast of the United States. Moran played an important role in visually documenting the west, in particular Wyoming, and his work helped establish Yellowstone National Park as the nation's first National Park in 1872.
Also from the permanent collection is Ralston Crawford: Lithographs and Photographs, which will exhibit 5 recently acquired lithographs and 10 recently acquired photographs. I n addition to these works from the collection, lithos and photos from the Crawford estate will supplement the exhibition. Although primarily recognized as a Precisionist painter, Crawford was also an accomplished print maker and photographer.
Artists from France: Paintings and Prints from the Art Museum Collection features late 19th and early 20th century work from numerous French artists, including Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin. France was the center of the art world at the turn of the century, and many important art movements emerged during this time - most notably Cubism, Impressionism, and Art Nouveau.
Montana artist Tracy Linder's series of Tractor Hides (pictured above) will also be on exhibit. Raised on a sugar beet farm, her work references the importance and history of family farming and ranching. Linder will be artist in residence at the Shelton Studio July 14-18 for Paint Pony Express.
Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait features 20 works by American textile artist Lia Cook. Using old family photographs, slides and video stills, Cook merges the visual with the physical in monumental sized weavings. The pieces in this exhibition are part of five different series, each of which demonstrates a different weaving technique.
A full list of events and programs can be found on the Art Museum website: or for more information, please call 307-766-6622. Up to date announcements will be posted here throughout the summer!

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