Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Opening Reception to Feature Pow Wow Dance

Heywood Big Day (center) discusses dance regalia
during a pow wow at the Art Museum in 2006.
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

Seven exhibitions will open Friday evening at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. To celebrate Adornment: Native American Regalia, Selections from the Peter W. Doss Crow Indian Artifact Collection, Crow elder Heywood Big Day and his family will present a short pow wow in full regalia. The event will begin shortly after 6 pm on the Art Museum Terrace.

Curated guest curator Barbara Stone, Adornment: Native American Regalia will feature men’s and women’s outfits complimented by examples of adornment objects. Northern Plains Indian clothing was made of tanned animal hide decorated with colorful geometric and floral designs in quill or beadwork. Adornments for men included feather war bonnets, headdresses with buffalo horns, feather fans, hair bone breastplates, and bear claw necklaces. Bags and pouches were decorative and functional. Beaded vests were additional clothing enhancements. The women wore jewelry, belts, bags, leggings and used hair decorations to embellish their dresses. Moccasins were worn by men, women, and children. Everyday wear was plain while ceremonial moccasins were beautifully adorned with vibrant, multi-colored designs.

Additional exhibitions opening on Friday evening:

Thomas Moran in Wyoming

Thomas Moran: Pastoral Views and Seashores

Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait

Tracy Linder: Tractor Hides

Ralston Crawford: Lithographs and Photographs

Artists from France: Selections from the University Museum Collection

For information on any of these exhibitions, visit the University of Wyoming Art Museum webpage.

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