Thursday, March 26, 2009

University Excused Absence for Students Who Attend the Symposium

In Circle, by artist James Surls, sits in Prexy's Pasture. Surls is one of ten sculptors from Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational who is presenting at the UW Art Museum symposium April 2-4.
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum

In addition to the financial support from the Office of the President and the UW Foundation, students who attend the UW Art Museum's public art symposium on Friday, April 3 will receive a University Excused Absence for any classes they miss. To sum up all the benefits that students will receive, here's a list:
-No registration fee
-lunch on Friday and Saturday
-invitations to the opening reception and the closing reception
-an excused absence for missed class
-the chance to meet internationally recognized artists
-a chance to participate in discussions and presentations about public art and have your opinion heard
Students who are only able to attend the symposium for one day are still encouraged to register. If you sign up and need the excused absence, please include you W number with your contact information. The Art Museum will submit the necessary paperwork.
Contact Rachel Miller at or 766-6621 for more information or to register.

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