Wednesday, March 25, 2009

20:20 - A New Program to be Held at "Public Art and Community: Inspiration and Reflection"

Open Book, by sculptor Charmaine Locke, stands outside the Albany County Public Library in Laramie. Locke will be presenting at the UW Art Museum symposium, "Public Art and Community: Inspiration and Reflection."
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum

20:20 is a new program in conjunction with the Wyoming Arts Council and University of Wyoming Art Museum symposium, Public Art and Community, Inspiration and Reflection. Scheduled for Thursday evening, April 2 at 10:00 pm, it follows the opening reception and Art Slam with artists Jesús Moroles, Ursula von Rydingsvard and John Henry. 20:20 is a fast-paced presentation format whereby presenters are allotted 20 images (either in slide format or a PowerPoint), which are shown for 20 seconds each. The total presentation time is therefore only 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Advance sign-up is required and offered on a first come, first served basis. Presentations by individual artists, community organizations, art groups and educators are welcome. 20:20 is an opportunity to share new work and new ideas from across the state and the region. It’s a chance for communities, groups and artists to show their work and share their accomplishments!

The Art Slam and 20:20 are free and open to the public. Anyone who signs up to participate in 20:20 will also be invited to the opening reception at the Art Museum.

The format of 20:20 is borrowed from a program that was first developed in Japan by two architects who were looking for a new way to present design ideas in an upbeat and exciting way. Events like 20:20 now occur internationally as specially organized evening events where the focus is on sharing information and community participation.

For more information on 20:20, or to sign up, please contact Rachel Miller at 307.766.6621 or

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