Saturday, August 2, 2008

Patrick Dougherty's "Short Cut" Completed on Prexy's Pasture

Patrick Dougherty, Shortcut, 2008.
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

With the last stick in place and mulch laid, Patrick Dougherty's site-specific sculpture created from truckloads of locally-collected saplings, the artist has titled the work Shortcut.

Shortcut was created along an unpaved path that is used by students and faculty as a "short cut" that bisects the northeast corner of Prexy's Pasture. The sculpture has four components, formed inspired by the boulders in the Simpson Family Plaza at the opposing south corner of Prexy's. Dougherty became interested in the crevices in the boulders and the spaces between them. The "boulders" of Shortcut are penetrated by doorways so it is possible, even probable, that those who enter are captivated by a maze of walkways and hut-like structures with views of the sky.

Dougherty's sculpture would not have been possible without the generosity of Don Bath and Lefty Cole, ranchers who enthusiastically responded to our inquiries about gathering saplings from their ranches, the Bath Ranch and Deerwood Ranch. We are most grateful.

Press release for Patrick Dougherty.
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For more information, visit the Art Museum's webpage.

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