Monday, August 4, 2008

Identifying Permanent Art at UW and in Laramie

Dan Ostermiller, Daydreamer, located between the Wyoming Union and Half Acre Gym west of Prexy's Pasture. Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

The UW Art Museum seeks to identify public art that is permanently installed in Laramie and on campus. Our intent is to not only capture this information but also to include it in our walking/driving tour guide for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational.

The list below is what we know thusfar. If you know of additional scultpures or art in public places that are missing from this list, please contact Sarah Gadd, assistant curator, at 307-766-6621 or We appreciate everyone's help in assisting us gather information.

WPA Murals and Architecture

  1. Lynn Fausett, Western Welcome, mural, 1940, Wyoming Union
  2. Edward Grigware, Knowledge is the Light of Destiny, 1952, UW College of Education
  3. Virginia Pitman, Evolution of Law, painting, UW College of Law
  4. John Walley, mural, UW College of Engineering
  5. Florence Ware, four murals, Laramie Plains Civic Center Auditorium
  6. Knight Hall, Wyoming Union (original building), and A&S building (WPA designed and constructed)

Outdoor Art - UW

  1. Dave McGary, Battle of Two Hearts, painted bronze, 2006, Grand Avenue south of Washakie Center
  2. Robert I. Russin, University of Wyoming Family, marble, Prexy’s Pasture
  3. Robert I. Russin, Ben Franklin, south of the A&S building
  4. Dan Ostermiller, Daydreamer, bronze, 2001, between the Wyoming Union and Half Acre Gym
  5. Peter Fillerup, Fanning a Twister, bronze, dedicated in 1990, adjacent to the Arena-Auditorium
  6. Ashley Hope Carlisle, to be installed fall 2008, north of College of A&S

Indoor art by local and student artists - UW campus

  1. Old Main
  2. College of Health Sciences
  3. Coe Library
  4. Wyoming Union
  5. Fine Arts Building
  6. Fraternity Row

Laramie Outdoor Sculpture - Laramie

  1. Robert I. Russin, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, bronze, 1959, exit 323 on I80
  2. Blair Muhlestein (Loveland, CO), Lickety Split, bronze, Reynolds Crossing, 1267 North 15th
  3. Vince Valdez, Catching the Spirit, bronze, 2006, LCCC, 1125 Boulder Drive
  4. Albany County Library (list coming)
  5. John Baker (Laramie, WY), The Franchise, bronze, 307 South 2nd Street
  6. Untitled Eagle, bronze, dedicated 1924, corner of 5th and Ivinson Streets, Albany County Courthouse
  7. David Reif, Albany County Courthouse (to be installed in October)

Indoor Art - Laramie

  1. Robert I. Russin, Sea Spirits, bronze, Recreation Center, 920 Boulder Drive
  2. Robert I. Russin, Fulfillment, bronze, Ivinson Memorial Hospital, 255 N. 30th Street

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