Thursday, March 3, 2011

There's Still Time to Sign Up for 20:20 Faculty

There is still time for LCCC and UW faculty members to sign up for 20:20, a public program hosted by the UW Art Museum that will be on Monday evening, March 7 at 7 pm. If you've ever wondered what other faculty members or departments are working on across campus, this is your chance!

This is an opportunity for faculty members to share with their colleagues and the community what is happening both on campus and off. We would like to hear about a range of topics – what is the art faculty creating in their studios? What kinds of collaborative projects is the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources working on? How does entomology combine with creative writing? What kinds of building designs are civil engineering students creating?

Two years ago, the UW Art Museum began a new program called 20:20, with the intention of providing a forum for sharing new ideas, projects, and work. What began as a program for visual artists has now expanded, and we’d like to extend an invitation to all LCCC and UW faculty and staff to participate in our next 20:20 event.

The goal of 20:20 is to provide people an opportunity to share their work in a fast-paced format that is engaging for the audience. For those who have images, a PowerPoint presentation is shown, consisting of 20 slides, each one shown for 20 seconds. The result is a 6 minute and 40 second presentation. It is not only a chance to show images, but we invite musicians, dancers, writers, or other performance based work to be presented in the same 6 minute and 40 second time frame.

Advance sign up is required by Friday, March 4th. A minimum of 8 presenters is needed.

For more information, or to sign up, please contact UW Art Museum assistant curator Rachel Miller at or 307.766.6621.

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