Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gallons of Gray Paint in the Gallery

Preparator David Jones reaches the top of the gallery wall with his paintbrush.
Courtesy of the Art Museum.

There's a change coming to the Art Museum's gallery walls! This week, Chief Preparator Sterling Smith and Preparator David Jones have been busy transforming the large gallery space by painting it gray.

Two of the small galleries on the south side of the museum have always been gray, and this winter the middle two galleries were painted to match. Progress continues with half of the large space now being painted before the opening of the exhibition, From the Scottish Sublime to the American West: Selections from the University of Wyoming, which opens on April 9. The second half of the large gallery space will be painted later this summer after Etsuko Ichikawa: NACHI - between the eternal and the ephemeral - closes on August 6.

Our preparators estimate that they will use 23 gallons of paint to complete this half of the gallery space. If you've visited the small galleries, you may have noticed that the gray color creates a soothing, almost intimate atmosphere. The matte color also makes the artwork "pop" - bringing out colors and contrasts within the artwork.

Be sure to visit the Art Museum to see this change in the galleries! We're open Monday - Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm with extended Monday hours until 9 pm. Admission is always free!

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