Monday, July 26, 2010

Neltje Cell Phone Audio Tour Now Available

The cell phone audio tour for the exhibition Neltje is now available! The audio tour, which the Art Museum implemented a year and a half ago, is a free service that enables museum visitors to access additional information about exhibitions through their cell phones. A local phone number - 307.200.0040 - leads visitors to a welcome message with options such as instructions, museum information, or exhibition information. Each exhibition that has an accompanying audio tour then has specific prompt numbers that visitors can enter to hear more information.

The audio tour for Neltje is set up a bit differently than many of the previous audio tours. In the past, the tour has provided information like biographies of artists, or information on a specific art technique or movement. The Neltje audio tour is set up to lead visitors from one artwork to the next to point out similarities and key components of her work. Throughout the tour, several questions are posed that allow the visitor to examine the works closely, and to investigate their own reaction to the work.

As with all of the cell phone audio tours, there is a feedback feature that works a lot like leaving a voicemail message. It can be accessed by dialing the general phone number - 307.200.0040 - and then pressing 0, followed by the pound key (#). With this new format, the Art Museum encourages its visitors to try the audio tour and leave your feedback, whether it's positive or negative! Comments can also be posted here on the blog by clicking on the comments link, or on the Art Museum's facebook page.

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