Monday, July 19, 2010

Final Days to See 2 Works in Sculpture Invitational

Charmaine Locke (American, b. 1950), Open Book, 2004, bronze, ed. 1/5, 79 x 63 x 40 inches, courtesy of the Surls Locke Personal Collection

Like many of the sculptures in the exhibition, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational, two works by Colorado artists James Surls and Charmaine Locke were temporarily loaned for the exhibition. As a result, there comes a time when the loan expires, or when an artist needs a piece back for a different exhibition. There are only a few days remaining to see Open Book by Locke, and In Circle by Surls. They will be removed from the exhibition later this week.

Open Book (pictured above) by Charmaine Locke is a bronze sculpture located outside the Albany County Public Library, facing Grand Ave. The work is a call for global peace, and features the phrase, "Why can't we find the path to peace when it is right in front of our eyes?" in six different languages. The arms of the figure hold symbols of nourishment and knowledge.

James Surls' sculpture, In Circle, is located on the north side of Prexy's Pasture. This stainless steel work is different from much of his other sculpture, which includes Rolling Flower, a wood and steel sculpture that is permanently installed in Coe Library. In Circle is dynamic and appears poised for movement. It resembles a molecular structure, or perhaps a tumbleweed.

Be sure to visit these two sculptures before they leave Laramie! A detailed driving guide can be found at each of the sculptures or a downloadable version can be found on the Art Museum's website. For more information on this, or any other exhibition or program, please call the Museum at 307.766.6622.

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