Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final Week of Paint Pony Express

Harold Garde (American, b. 1923), Samurai Kimono, 1997, acrylic on canvas, 45 x 56 inches, courtesy of the Museum of Florida Art

The final week of Paint Pony Express begins today. Each week of Paint Pony Express has focused on a different exhibition and different art-making techniques. This week's classes will view the series of kimono prints by Florida artist and UW alumnus Harold Garde. They will discuss the similarities and differences between repeating patterns and art in a series. Kimonos are a recurring theme in Garde's work, and he uses that particular shape and image in his prints and paintings.

Students will then create their own triptych in the Shelton Studio. They will create one idea of images in three different ways, as a series. They will create a monotype, a fabric print, and a collage.

Classes are free and are held from 1-3 pm. Ages 4-5 will meet today (Tuesday), ages 6-8 will meet on Wednesday, and ages 9-11 on Thursday. Parents are asked to stay with children under age 5. Students should wear clothing that they can create in! For more information, contact the Art Museum Education Department at 307.766.3496.

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