Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Museum Now on Instagram and Will No Longer be Blogging

The UW Art Museum now has an Instagram feed!  We're in the market of visual arts and we wanted a way to share more images with you, and have our visitors be able to share their images with us!  Instagram seemed like the logical choice, so we hope that you find us and follow us at uwartmuseum. 

We've also noticed that our blog has been seeing less activity, and that blogging didn't seem to be the best way to share information.  After today, the Art Museum will no longer be actively blogging, but we won't be taking it down so you can still find past information.  Our website will remain the primary source of information, and you can always find up to date info and news on our Facebook page. 

We hope you'll transition with us to a more visual vocabulary, and we hope to see all of your great photos at the #uwartmuseum!

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