Friday, February 21, 2014

Art Museum Collaborates with UW History Department for Cambodia Project

Art Museum Curator of Collections Nicole Crawford (center) talks with students in the Resource Room

UW Art Museum Curator of Collections Nicole Crawford and Dr. Isa Helfgott, Assistant Professor in the UW History Department, have been awarded a grant from Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research.  The project title is, “Museum and Reconciliation in Cambodia: A Cross Cultural Collaboration between UW and the Sleuk Rith Institute.”

The project is a three-stage collaboration with the Sleuk Rith Institute in Cambodia, the leading organization for commemoration and remembrance of atrocities committed under the Khmer Rouge. In phase one, Dr. Helfgott and Ms. Crawford will provide on-site collaboration and training in historical research and curatorial practice to support a permanent Museum of Memory consisting of a central museum in Siem Reap and 24 provincial museums throughout Cambodia. Phase two will create a study abroad class on genocide and historical memory bringing UW students to Cambodia to work on research and exhibition development for the Museum of Memory. Phase three will present an exhibition of documentary material and cultural artifacts from Cambodia at UW and include a symposium where UW students and faculty will present alongside experts from Cambodia. 

The project will begin a long-term collaboration between UW and the Sleuk Rith Institute involving faculty from multiple units and visiting scholars from Cambodia. This is a great outreach opportunity for both UW and the Art Museum.  It will be exciting to see all of the developments and ideas that come from this cross-cultural project!

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