Friday, July 15, 2011

Drury Sculpture Making Progress

Chris Drury working on sculpture
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum

With great weather and great assistants, Chris Drury's sculpture, Carbon Sink: What Goes Around, Comes Around is taking shape on the south lawn from Old Main.  Every day the work is looking more and more like the original drawing submitted by the artist.

 Original Sketch for Carbon Sink
Courtesy of the UW Art Museum

Today, you can begin to see the beautiful qualities of juxtaposing the materials that comprise the work--coal, charred wood, and pine.  The deep, dark coal glistens vibrantly in the sunlight, offset by the rhythmic whirl of the light, blond wood; its charring merging the materials toward the center.

 Close up view
Courtesy of the UW Art Museum

Drury draws his work from Nature; the vortez form of Carbon Sink coming from the notion of taking the shape of a mushroom spore and rotating it as it fanning out a stack of cocktail napkins.  The mushroom spore and vortex form are common elements that connect the macro and micro perspectives of Nature in the artist's work.


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