Monday, March 28, 2011

We want to hear from you!

Visitors at the Art Museum take time to observe and experience Etsuko Ichikawa's installation. Courtesy of the Art Museum.

Have you been to the Art Museum recently? An installation by Japanese artist Etsuko Ichikawa has transformed half of the large gallery space. Inspired by an ancient waterfall in Japan that has been a shrine for purification and meditation for generations of people, NACHI - between the eternal and the ephemeral - invites museum visitors to observe and reflect. A combination of materials - cotton thread, video projection, an audio component, and pyrographs (drawings on paper made from molten glass) offer much to look at.

A new guest book has been placed in this gallery space to get your feedback. We've noticed that some visitors have returned to the gallery twice and even three times, and we'd like to hear more from you! If you visit for the first time, is it what you expected? What word or words would you use to describe the experience? How did the space make you feel? If you're one of those visitors who has been to see NACHI more than once, what brings you back? Does your experience change? How so?

Visitor comments are important to the Art Museum because it tells us what you think, what you like, or if you'd like to see something else. For artists, it's important for them to hear reactions after they've completed a work, installed it, and gone back to their studios.

The Art Museum always welcomes your feedback and we have several places where you can leave your comments online - here on the blog or on our facebook page. If you're at the Museum, we have visitor surveys and now the guest book back in the gallery specifically for the Etsuko Ichikawa installation. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you think!

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