Thursday, January 20, 2011

Accepted Work Posted

Congratulations to the students listed below, whose work has been accepted into the 36th Annual Juried UW Student Exhibition. Please be sure to check spelling and alert the art museum if you see something that is misspelled, as this is how your name and the title of your work will appear on the wall labels.

Danielle Alvarado-Speager

Chain of Fools

Thought Chocolate

Jason Bathen

Catfish Diptych

Madison Becker

Rough Out

Meredith Bell

Sea Glass

Alison Berreman

Dark Side of the Boob

Eric Berg

Hand Me Down

Making Do

Bryan Brodersen

Box of Blocks

Jake Buckley


Hannah Clark


Courtney Conrad

Elements of Hip Hop Stamp Series

Maddie Costigan

Drawn In

Tessa Dallarosa


Glimpses of Anatolia

Sarah Dahlinger


Hooligan No. 85775

April Dockter


Spencer Duncan

Mississippi Mystic


Louise Eckardt

2010 Textile Fibers Commemorative Stamp Series

Pamela Fanelli

The Last Two Moments

Jacquie Fankell


First Name Basis

Chancelor Havlik

Lighter of an 18th Century Aristocrat

Les Bananes Turquoises

Hilary Havlik

The Cat


Emily House, Nathan Huseth, and Austen Williams

Phase Clothing Store

Bryce Huhtala

Tessa Dallarosa

Chromatic Still Life

Self Portrait

Michael Hurly

Post Gradient

Wyoming Reliquaries

Nyla Hurley

Dirty Laundry (1)

Wyoming Reliquaries

Kelsey Iredale


Dakotah Konicek


Nataliya Lityuk

Keep/Kill It

Evan Major

Crow Reservoir

Creatures/406 C

Solid Gold

Conor Mullen

Powder River Let Her Buck

Packaged Vicar

Nuray Packard

Contemporary Istanbul


The Boys

Andrew Parker

Istanbul Evening

Nash Quinn

Act II: The Semination

Brandon Reavis

Glacial Deposits

Bison Grazing

Gabrielle Reeves


Alanna Reid

Self Portrait: I Feel Ghastly

Bethany Reisner


Will Ross

Day Crowd at Cassie’s

Checking the View

Brandon Russell

Sky Painting


Gary Schmitt

Fish Fry

Dough Nuts

Gary Staebler

Gay Rights

Molly Sullivan

Hands On

Jessica Tanguay

The Miracle

Venus Campfire

Paul Tholl

Portrait of Man

American Hero: Sarah Palin

Dan Toro

Grazing Consumption

Home Sweet Home

Kaitlyn Whitlock



Holly Wood

Freak Drizzle

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