Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two PowerPoint Workshops to be Held in November

Have you wanted to present at a 20:20 event but have questions about how to use PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a crucial element to 20:20, allowing for the fast pace and a quick transition between presenters. As more artists and arts organizations move from slides to digital images and programs like PowerPoint, questions about how to transition to the computer program are common. Other issues that frequently come up are how to organize information, add images, and edit the presentation.

The Art Museum has learned that Works of Wyoming (WoW) and the Wyoming Women's Business College (WWBC) will be holding two workshops in November to address these PowerPoint issues. Both workshops, one on Nov. 4 and one on Nov. 5, will be conducted by Chuck Egnaczak. Visit the WWBC calendar for details on the Nov. 4 workshop, or visit the WoW website to contact someone about the Nov. 5 event.

The Art Museum encourages artists, educators, and organizations to take advantage of these workshops, hopefully leading to greater participation in 20:20!

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