Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Cell Phone Audio Tours Available

Two new cell phone audio tours are now available. The audio tour for the exhibition, People of the West - A Collector's Vision, Selections from the Erivan and Helga Haub Collection features information about each artist and work in the exhibition. From historic paintings to contemporary, and including bronze sculpture, be sure to check out each of these interesting prompts.

For the exhibition, Anne-Karin Furunes: Portraits of Unknowns, the artist recorded each of the prompts. She talks about her creative process, and also shares information on each of the different series or bodies of work in the exhibition. This is the first time that the Art Museum has asked an artist to record the audio tour; it's always a great opportunity to hear directly from the artist!

The cell phone audio tour is a free feature. It can be accessed while you are visiting the Art Museum, or if you cannot make it to the exhibitions, or are a student looking for additional information on the work, you can simply call in from your cell phone. Handouts, including instructions, are available in a .pdf format on the Art Museum website. Click here for the handout for the Western art exhibition, and click on this link for the handout for Anne-Karin Furunes.

We always welcome your feedback and comments. You can tell us what you think in the comments section of this blog, on our Facebook page, or there is a feature on the audio tour that lets you leave a voicemail message.

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