Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Margaret Cogswell Begins Project for the UW Art Museum

Susan Moldenhauer, Art Museum director (l); Margaret 
Cogswell, NY Artist (m); and Wendy Bredehoft, 
Art Museum education curator (r) at Gray Rocks Reservoir

Today, Wendy Bredehoft and I set out to introduce New York artist Margaret Cogswell to Wyoming.  We had an amazing day visiting a variety of locations, including the power plant on the Laramie River, sites along the North Platte including, Signature Rock and the Oregon Trail Ruts, and more.  Our time at Gray Rocks was great as the National Guard unit from Rock Springs was testing new equipment that can build  roadways on water.  They suited us in camo life preservers so we could get close enough to photograph and videotape all the action.  

Cogswell is in Wyoming this week to begin her research for a major multi-media installation scheduled for the Art Museum in the fall 2012.  She will make repeated visits over the next few years to research and create the exhibition.  Wyoming River Fugues, the next in a series of exhibitions by Cogswell that are based on rivers, will combine video, audio, and sculptural components.

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