Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We're Going Green!

An exhibition of the work by New Mexico artist Peter Sarkisian, pictured above, is just one of many exhibitions discussed in the upcoming spring newsletter.
Photo courtesy of I-20 Gallery

As we get ready to publish our upcoming spring newsletter, the Art Museum would like to remind everyone that we are going green! In an effort to cut waste, we are now encouraging museum fans and followers to sign up to receive an electronic version of our newsletters.

The e-newsletter is in a .pdf file format and will be sent directly to your email account. If you have more than one email account, you can sign them all up to be sure that you receive the newsletter in your inbox! As opposed to the black and white version of the printed newsletter, the electronic version will be in full color.

The newsletter contains information on the collection, upcoming exhibitions and events, education programs, and a monthly calendar so you can plan your visits.

To sign up for the electronic, color version of the newsletter, please email the Art Museum's administrative assistant Bev Schroeder at bschroed@uwyo.edu with ENEWS in the subject line.

You may also call Bev at 307.766.3477 if you wish to continue to receive a printed version.

*PLEASE NOTE - if you do not contact the Art Museum with your preference, you may not receive the spring newsletter!

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