Thursday, September 17, 2009

Final Days to see It Goes Under

Located along the Laramie Greenbelt, New York artist Steven Siegel's 170 foot long, site-specific sculpture It Goes Under is the latest sculpture to leave the exhibition, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational

The exhibition Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational will see the departure of Steven Siegel's piece, It Goes Under, next week. Located along the Laramie Greenbelt, the sculpture resembles a worm or snake moving through the ground. Made from screening and recycled mulch, Siegel created the piece specifically for this exhibition and personally selected it's location. The New York based artist was on site last summer to install the work and was subjected to a variety of Wyoming weather, including heavy winds, excessive rain and a mosquito hatch. The flooding of the Laramie River ultimately determined the final shape that the sculpture took.

Be sure to stop by the Laramie Greenbelt before next week to see It Goes Under before it is de-installed. Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational is an ongoing exhibition of large-scale sculpture throughout the city of Laramie and on the UW campus. While some works must leave the exhibition, others are committed to remain on view and there is the possibility of adding new works to the exhibition as it continues.

For more information on the exhibition, please call the Museum at 307.766.6622 or visit the website.

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