Friday, June 12, 2009

Cell Phone Audio Tour for Summer Exhibitions Now Available

Cell Phone audio tours are now available for two of the UW Art Museum's summer exhibitions: Adornment: Native American Regalia and Lia Cook: The Embedded Portrait. The cell phone audio tour is a new and free program at the Art Museum. Museum visitors can look for the above symbol, along with a prompt number, next to objects on view. By calling a Wyoming number (no long distance!) visitors can hear additional exhibition information from their cell phones. The number to call is 307-200-0040.

Next week, look for more audio tours at the museum, including for both Thomas Moran exhibitions currently on view.A cell phone audio tour is also available for Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational, which is on view at the Museum, on the UW campus, and around the city of Laramie.

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