Monday, September 22, 2008

City of Laramie Acknowledges Haselden Construction for Contribution

John Henry, River High,
at the Laramie Recreation Center.
Photo courtesy of the UW Art Museum.

On September 16, Klaus Hansen, mayor of the city of Laramie, read a proclamation to acknowledge and thank Haselden Construction for contributing the 14-ft diameter base to support John Henry's 55-ft tall River High sculpture. It reads:


WHEREAS, the University of Wyoming Art Museum conceived the idea of Sculpture: “A Wyoming Invitational” in response to the University of Wyoming Art Museum’s planned renovations effecting the galleries, and to the increasing interest in public art for our campus and community and,

WHEREAS, Sculpture: “A Wyoming Invitational” is an exhibition of seventeen outdoor sculptures and public art on the campus of the University of Wyoming and in the City of Laramie and,

WHEREAS, the Laramie City Council approved a supplemental budget request in the amount of $3,000 to assist with the installation of the five outdoor sculptures on city property and,

WHEREAS, the City of Laramie, with the assistance of the University of Wyoming Art Museum staff installed “It Goes Under” by Steven Siegel along the Laramie River Greenbelt, “First Step” by Robert Russin at Undine Park, “Alligator” by John Kearney at the Carnegie building, “Vedauwoo Moderized” by Stan Dolega at Optimist Park and,

WHEREAS, the “River High” by John Henry at the Recreation Center required the fabrication and installation of a substantial concrete foundation prior to the sculpture being installed by the artist and,

WHEREAS, Lonn Mullins, Project Superintendent of Haselden Construction Inc. who is currently constructing the University of Wyoming Information Technology Facility volunteered his time, expertise, materials and staff to construct the concrete foundation for “River High” and,

WHEREAS, the concrete foundation for the “River High” sculpture would not have been completed in time for the installation and dedication without the volunteer assistance of Haselden Construction.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Klaus Hanson, Mayor and President of the City Council do hereby, proclaim our sincere thanks to Lonn Mullins and Haselden Construction Inc. for their generous donation to the City of Laramie.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the official seal of the City to be affixed this 16th day of September, 2008.

Klaus Hanson,
Mayor of Laramie


Sue Morris-Jones, CMC
City Clerk

We would like to join the city in thanking Haselden Construction and Coffey Engineering for providing the significant base necessary for this sculpture and for completing the project in time for the scheduled installation of River High.

For information on Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational, visit the Art Museum's webpage.

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