Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sculpture from the University of Wyoming Art Museum Collection Scheduled for Installation Off-Campus

Robert Russin's First Steps and John Kearney's Alligator have been scheduled to be installed at Undine Park and the Carnegie Building at 4th & Grand respectively.

Site preparation for these sculptures has started. First Steps, a bronze work depicting a mother and child, will be placed in Undine Park, a response to the enthusiastic request from the Friends of Undine Park to include their park in Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational. Russin is Professor Emeritus from the University of Wyoming. He died in December 2007.

Alligator will be placed on the lawn of the City Hall Annex, also known as the Carnegie Building, at 4th and Grand. Kearney is a Chicago sculptor known for his fanciful animals constructed from welded car bumpers.

Installation of these works is scheduled for Wednesday, July 30.

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