Thursday, October 27, 2011

Touring Exhibition Service at the Art Museum

Ginnie Madsen, Passing, Laramie, 2008, block print, 7 x 8 inches, courtesy of the artist

Did you know that the UW Art Museum has a Touring Exhibition Service that travels exhibitions of original art around the state?

The Touring Exhibition Service offers exhibitions at no charge to Wyoming organizations plus one-way shipping (roundtrip shipping to out of state organizations). These exhibitions are designed for sites such as libraries, schools, community centers, galleries and museums. Insurance, press releases, publicity photos and exhibition interpretation is provided by the UW Art Museum. You can learn about the available exhibitions and find the touring schedule on our website.

For information and to schedule any of these exhibitions, contact Peter Lundskow, Registrar, at 307.766.6634 or

Art Express: Touring Exhibition Service is funded in part by the National Advisory Board of the UW Art Museum with additional support from FMC Corporation.

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