Friday, February 15, 2013

Binh Danh Photographs on View in New Exhibition

The Art Museum was first introduced to the work of artist Binh Danh in 2010.  A solo exhibition at the museum showcased Danh's chlorophyll prints - a unique method of exposing negatives onto leaves or grasses and preserving the image in resin.  Danh continues to explore unique photography techniques.

Two of Danh's pieces that were recently acquired by the museum are currently on view in the exhibition, Photography from the Twentieth Century: The Art Museum Collection, Part II.  In addition to a chlorophyll print, a unique daguerreotype is also on view.  Danh brings a contemporary take to this otherwise traditional photography technique.

If you visited the museum and saw Danh's solo exhibition, be sure to stop by and check out the current photography exhibition.  For more information on Danh's work, you can also visit the Art Museum's YouTube page and watch the interview with Danh that was filmed in 2010.

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