Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interstitial at the University of Wyoming Art Museum

The installation of Interstitial at the Centennial Complex is now complete. Artist Gerri Sayler reflects on her finished installation as the sunlight streams in from the overhead skylights. Interstitial will be on display through December of 2012.

Inspired by both the landscape of Wyoming and the airy space inside the Centennial Complex, Idaho based artist Gerri Sayler (American, b. 1950) transforms the ordinary with her site-specific installation, Interstitial.  With hundreds of strands of hot glue suspended between the skylights inside the Centennial Complex lobby, she is exploring water, clouds, and the space that exists between the landscape and the sky.  Throughout the day, the changing light filters through the sculpture, alternating between opacity and transparency, airiness and shadows.  Sayler creates these strands by drawing with hot glue into water, which rapidly cools the glue and holds it form.

After completing two artist residencies in Wyoming, Sayler was drawn to the various transformations of water, from ice to flowing river and back again, and the similar process of evaporation, cloud formations, and precipitation.  The shape, materials, and overall appearance of her sculpture reflect these explorations in form. 

Interstitial is the final installation to be included in the exhibition, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational, which began in 2008. Funded in part by an anonymous sponsor and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

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