Friday, May 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Interstitial

Two stories above the floor, 132 lines of mason twine stretch tensioned and tied off between the large skylight windows of the Centennial Complex lobby in preparation for the installation of Interstitial, a site specific work created by artist Gerri Sayler

Museum Chief Preparator Stoney Smith and Preparator Conor Mullen worked closely with the artist and University Facilties Engineering to ready the space.

Once installation begins, a scissor lift is used to attach strands of monofilament and hot glue to each pre-strung expanse of twine. Stoney and Conor are on site to arrange each grouping of strands, spacing them on 4’ to 9’ lengths of bamboo and handing them to Gerri on the lift.

What is the most interesting part? Says Stoney, “Watching the piece develop and the play of light on the strands through the overhead windows.” 

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