Saturday, September 10, 2011

Talal Cockar and Meghan Meier nearing completion on Laramie Mural Project mural

 Artist Talal Cockar shares his design for the mural at the
Big Hollow Food Co-op with UW Art Museum National
Advisory Board President Ruth Arnold
Courtesy of the UW Art Museum
Lainie McElwee (l) with mural artist Talal Cockar (r)
Courtesy of the UW Art Museum

Talal Cockar's mural, Tierra y Libertad, at Big Hollow Food Co-op nears completion.  Tala was on site today but took a few minutes out of his work to discuss the mural project with the President of the National Advisory Board of the UW Art Museum, Ruth Arnold and to pose for pictures.  The mural is scheduled for completion by the end of September.

Meghan Meier, Grainery Grove
Courtesy of the UW Art Museum
Just a few steps away in the alleyway by Whole Earth Grainery is Meghan Meier's Grainery Grove.  Finishing touches of silver detailing on the trees in her composition add sparkle to her colorful and upbeat work.

The Laramie Mural Project is an extension of the University of Wyoming Art Museum's exhibition of public art, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational.  Organized in partnership between Laramie Main Street Alliance and the UW Art Museum, the project is funded by the Patricia Guthrie Family Foundation, the Wyoming Arts Council, Laramie Beautification Committee, and the City of Laramie.

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