Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drury Completes Carbon Sink

Chris Drury, Carbon Sink: What Goes Around, Comes Around
UW Art Museum Photo

Today, British artist Chris Drury and crew completed his extraordinary new work on the campus of the University of Wyoming.  Carbon Sink: What Goes Around, Comes Around, places beetle-kill pine and coal--both natural resources in Wyoming--in a formal structure derived from a mushroom spore, twisting into a vortex to suggest the natural process of decay, decomposition, and transformation.  Typical of the artist's work, who routinely connects natural phenomena from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic, the whirling deep, dark, and beautiful reflective properties of the coal play off the raw wood that has been charred so the materials merge at the center.

The work is the next in an evolving public art exhibition that launched in 2008, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational.  Additional works are planned this year both on and off campus.


Robert A. Enholm said...

A lovely work. Thought-provoking and visually arresting. The perfect art for a university campus.

Matthew said...

Simply a stunning and important piece. The entire University of Wyoming deserves a great thanks for supporting this work and getting the conversation started about the link between coal and the bark beetle infestation.

Jane eagle said...

I won't get to see this in person, but I think it is remarkable and beautiful and deep.Thank you for posting this...I will look for other works by this terrific artist.