Thursday, September 16, 2010

John Henry's sculpture, River High, leaves today

Tennessee artist John Henry's monumental sculpture, River High, was the keystone piece of Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational

The latest sculpture to leave the exhibition, Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational will be John Henry's monumental red sculpture, River High. The work will be de-installed today with help from the Tennessee artist's studio crew, City of Laramie employees, and UW Physical Plant workers.

The sculpture, located on Boulder Drive near the Rec Center, can be seen by those entering town off of I-80. It was the keystone piece of the exhibition, welcoming people to Laramie. Be sure to stop by today to see this vibrant work one more time or to watch the de-installation process.

The sculpture exhibition will continue to change and evolve as works leave, and new pieces are added. Keep checking this blog, the Art Museum website, or Facebook page for the latest information.

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