Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James Surls Audio Tour at Coe Library and the Art Museum

The cell phone audio tour for the exhibition of James Surls' sculpture is now live at the Art Museum. Call in to hear information about his work like this one, Me and the Black Flower with the Needle and Thread.
Image courtesy of the artist.

The cell phone audio tour that accompanies the exhibition James Surls: Flowers is now posted at the Art Museum. Visitors to the museum can access additional information about James Surls' career and materials use by calling 307.200.0040 from their cell phone. This is a free service at the art museum, and different audio tour prompts are assigned to different exhibitions and specific artwork throughout the museum. Handouts are available at the front desk.

With the recent installation of Surls' Rolling Flower in the 5th floor atrium of Coe Library, it seemed the perfect opportunity to provide UW students, the public, and library patrons with information about this sculpture, which is the latest permanent installation of large-scale sculpture on the UW campus. Jennifer Mayer, Fine Arts Librarian at Coe, volunteered to write a prompt about Rolling Flower and to record the audio tour for the James Surls exhibition. Look for signs in Coe Library to access the cell phone audio tour for Rolling Flower.

Surls' work is also included in the exhibition Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational. Prompt number 13 of the cell phone audio tour is dedicated to his work in this exhibition, In Circle.

For full instructions on how to use the cell phone audio tour, dial 307.200.0040 and press 1, followed by the pound key (#). Handouts are available on the Art Museum's webpage, at individual sculptures in Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational, and at the Art Museum front desk. This is also an opportunity for visitors to leave their feedback, including comments and suggestions. Press 0, followed by the pound key to leave us a message!

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