Thursday, January 21, 2010

Accepted Work for the Annual Juried UW Student Exhibition

Congratulations to the following students whose work has been accepted into the 35th Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition. A record number of students (114) submitted 283 works for consideration. Of those, 62 works by 53 students were accepted. It took the juror over 5 hours to make his selection!

As a reminder to students, those of you not participating in the Student Art League's Salon des Refuse, and whose work was not accepted into the exhibition, can pick up your work today and tomorrow at the Art Museum. The opening reception and awards ceremony is next Friday, January 29th, from 6-8 pm, with the awards ceremony beginning at 6:30.

Accepted Work

Madison Becker

Hannah Benigro
Death of the Clown

Eric Berg

Bethany Birkemeyer
Seeds of Fiber

Haylee Bolinger

Carmen Clayton
Light and Shadow

Maddie Costigan
Fashioned Phalanges

Jedadiah Cracco

Sarah Dahlinger
Birgi Woman

Drew Davis
Memento Mori II

Spencer Duncan

Alethea R. Durney
Time of Change: Surface and Motion

Jacquie Fankell, Ty Lorenz, and Gary Staebler
Axiom Clothing Store

Allison French
Floating in the Past

Kevin French
Self Portrait with Tape

Courtney Googe
Do a Good Deed and Throw it in the Sea

Isaac Grover
Tongue Thieves

Chancelor Havlik

Hilary Havlik

Sarah Hayman
Essence I

Jennifer Heater

Jonathan Hickerson
The Collective Mind Supported by Individuals of Our Age

Bryce Huhtala
Dreams of Consciousness

Michael Hurley
Nature Restricted 1.1

Nyla Hurley

Amy Jurekovic
Madame X

Dakotah Konicek

Jacquie Lahr
Hot Fudge Sundae

Noel Larsen

Andy Lindberg

Linda Lytle
Seeing the Invisible

Evan Major
Melting Flower Pot 3

Sean D. Matoon
Porta Septemtrionalis

Ashley McNew
Self Portrait

Conor Mullen
Shiva Shiva Ya
Home on the Range

Nuray Packard
Non-figure Self Portrait

Andrew Parker
Büyük Cammi

Steven Peck
Geared Economy

Erica Ramsey
A Little Bit Bad, Somedays

Gabrielle Reeves
On Road
4 Doors
The Saddle

Bethany Reisner
Eyes Closed

Katrina Romine

Will Ross
Under Hanhepi-wi

Kimberly J. Shannon
Out of Context Series

Jeminie Shell
Bird in Hand

Magnus Snyder
Social Justice Poster (Impact of the Gay Marriage Ban)

Jessica Tanguay
Nude Study I

Stephanie Ann Thomas
Principle Solo

Dan Toro
November 11th

Angela I. Weber
Buck Rail

Leighton White

Angela C. Wolff
Portrait of a Modern Prince, Qajar Dynasty, Persia
Hand-built Vessel

Everett Woodward
Teapot #2

*Please note - if your name or title is misspelled, please email corrections to as this is how they will appear on wall labels.

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